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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Wish!! {out loud}!

Happy Sunday ya'll!

I am linking up again with Robin from fly far. fly free to make a Wish!

For my first Wish! I went all out...I mean really big!  By putting it out there, I recieved so many warm thoughts and prayers.....which can only help, right?!

This time, I am I am keeping it light...my wish this week is that..... the weather keeps up this crazy path!

It is January in Northern Virginia and it is 50 degrees! Woot!!! So far, we have had crazy warm weather and no chance of the *s* word..my wish is for that to keep up!!!

As you can tell, the Wish! that you put out there can range from the weather to something much deeper and closer to your heart. Feel free to join us and put your Wish! out there! Who knows what can happen.....

If you would like to put your Wish! out there this week...join us and play along!

1. Write your blog post including your Wish! {out loud}.

2. Grab and display the Wish! {out loud} button in your post.

3. Link up through one of the hosts' blogs because it will show up on all three.

4. Start visiting other blogs, making friends, and make a Wish! come true.


  1. That's my wish too. So far we've been lucky and had only a light dusting.

    I have to start commuting back to school and work again in another week or so which means it's probably gonna get ugly out there soon! lol

    Did you get the Starbucks gift card yet?

  2. Ooooh! I wish it was in the 50s here. I just checked the forecast and it is gonna be in the low 40s all week. Booh! Hopefully it stays nice for you:)


    PS: Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog!


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