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Friday, January 6, 2012

(Friday) The Nail Files

Hey ya'll! Happy Friday!!

I am linking up with Tara and Vicki for Nail Files Friday!

The Nail Files

For the past few weeks, I have been all about glitter! Specifically 'Frenzy' by Sinful Colors...Glitter is so pretty and let's face it, it hides all the imperfections!!

And I usually pair that with 'Devil's Advocate' by Essie...

But, this week I wanted something different, so I paired Frenzy with Essie's 'Merino Cool'....

(please ignore the smudges...I just polished. when i took the pics.)

and....tah-dah! This is what they look like after a long, stressful week (don't judge)!....

What nail color are you rocking this week? Head on over and link up!!

**Sorry for the crappy photos, the ole' Blackberry doesn't take the best pics.


  1. I bought that blue glitter for a christmas gift for a friend! It looks awesome on!

  2. I'm loving that grey/blue combo! This is such a fun link-up, especially since I love all things nail polish. Glitter is always fun to play with!

  3. Oooohh I loooove those colors together!! So pretty!

  4. first, i love the name of your blog
    second, great nails and colors!

  5. When I first saw the name of your post, I thought you were gonna talk about that Nail Files show.

    Those are really pretty colors! Did you get Zoya's two free polishes? All you have to do is pay for shipping which costs less than one bottle of polish.

  6. I love the Sinful Colors glitter polish, I think I have that one as a matter of fact!

  7. Love your blog! :) I became a follower! :)

  8. These colors look really great together!

  9. My goodness this is so glittery and fantastic! Love it!

    Wish! Out loud link up is back this week, hope you'll post a wish today!



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