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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Target Tuesday!

Hey Ya'll!

It's Tuesday and you know what that means.....Target Tuesday!!! Created by the genius Tara over at Fabulous But Evil, this allows us all to go crazy in Target` without spending a dime! Link up and show us all what you are loving at Target this week!!


 So, let's get shopping!!
I really want a Smart TV! Who doesn't want to be lazy and watch tv and surf the Internet at the same time, without changing couch positions???!
Since I am getting a fabulous new TV and all...I def need a new couch! Main requirement is that it has a chaise....I really want a chaise!
My room was starting to look a little monotone and as Brad Goreski says, everything needs a 'POC' (pop of color)!
Seriously! How cute is this little chair!! Takes 'go sit in the corner' to a new level!! Love it! And now that I have a new living room set up....it's time for movie night!!

Movie night just isn't complete without......
And no Target Tuesday is complete without....Flamingos!!
And don't forget! Start digging out those awesomely embarrassing pictures of yourself from growing up! Amanda from For Love of a Cupcake, Melina from Only A Flight Away and I are hosting a one time only Yearbook Funnies link up on January 31st! Please join us as well all celebrate those awful photos in the company of bloggy friends..... and this is my first attempt at hosting a link up so please don't make me sad by not joining in :(



  1. I'm soooooo disappointed! I went to Target the other day and totally forgot to look for Lisa Frank stuff. Boo!

  2. I have a couch like that! I LOVE it! Love the chairs!


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