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Monday, January 9, 2012

Baby You Can Drive My Car....

Car shopping.....does anyone find this process fun?? Maybe it is because I am not a haggler at all...I am the worst person to take with you to a yard sale. I will 100% all ways pay the price they ask.

The only fun part is seeing all of the bells/whistles and the test drives, but then......It seems like every place we go to, it is a game to get over on you....so frustrating! To top it all off, I am not 100% set on what I want...

Every manufacturer has its pros/cons...do you look at safety ratings? Resale value?? Warranty??? Why is it all so overwhelming? Especially when you walk in as a woman...it is like they think 'sucker'!!

So, I am down to 3 cars at this point, although easily swayed.

Do you have a car that you love?? If so, let me know and help this girl out!!


  1. I am definitely an Altima fan, although with the weather up here in MN I love the Toyota Rav 4! You should check it out!

    Have a great day sweetie!


  2. I HATE going car shopping!!!

    I remember going to one dealership and the dude there tried to sell me a car that was older than the one I was going to use as a trade in. Really????? He tried to put a lot of pressure on me when I told him no and wouldn't stop. Instead of walking out, I kept saying I'd need to talk to my dad about it. Finally, he said, "Why are you so afraid to make a deal?" So I told him that I wanted an upgrade, not a downgrade. Plus it was a station wagon! I'm a single girl, what would I need with one of those?

    I love the Altima. I don't know if it's still the case but I used to know someone who managed a car fixing place. A bazillion years ago, he told me not to get an Altima because they were brought in pretty regularly for various repairs. Might not be the case now though.

    Did you ever get my Starbucks gift card?

  3. Among those three awesome rides, I like the Ford Fusion, simply because it’s one of the midsized cars of today that has the combination of elegance and efficiency. With its hybrid technology, it doesn’t just save you from spending gas pump, but it helps our mother nature free from toxic emissions.

    Delsie Maidens

  4. My sister owns a silver Nissan Altima. I’ve tried driving it a couple of times already, and I can definitely say that I had a pretty smooth one. Unlike my current car, this car has a push button start and other user-friendly electronic features like Bluetooth connectivity. This is cool as you can make calls using its stereo and speakers, but you still have to keep your eyes and focus on the road, as sometimes, these calls can be distracting.

    Nicole Vickers

  5. I like the title of this blog post. I'm a huge fan of "The Beatles", actually. :P I have the same taste of cars as Delsie. Have you seen the 2013 Ford Fusion? The 2013 model has three engine options: a 170-hp, 2.5-liter four-cylinder which is mated to a six-speed automatic; a 179-hp, 1.6-liter EcoBoost turbo four that is mated to either a six-speed auto or a six-speed manual; and a 237-hp, 2.0-liter EcoBoost four mated to a six-speed automatic. You should see it.

    Nettie Christensen


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