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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I heart tattoos linkup!

Holeee 3 posts in one day people! So unlike me, and sorry to bombard you with ME !! I was reading and commenting on blogs of the day and came across this link up on a blog new-to-me. Raven @ A Momma's Desires and Pacifiers is hosting a tattoo link up today and I just could not resist!

A Mommas Desires and Pacifiers

I personally LOVE tattoos and love the ones that I have. Tattoos are a very personal thing and it seems like people either REALLY love them or absolutely hate them. I get so upset when people are judged by their tattoos, I just don't get how you can think you know someone based upon how they express themselves. Anyway, getting off my soapbox now and showing my tattoos!!

I got my first tattoo in Vegas for my birthday in 2009...

The big star represents my Mom and the two smaller satellites are for my Nana and Papaw. They have always guided me and continue to do so.

It's true what they say....tattoos are addictive! After I came back from Vegas, I decided that the next one I would get would be dice. I just wanted two simple dice on my wrist......

Note: it looks hella big, but that is just the crappy picture I took. It is on my left wrist so hard to photograph.
I went in just going for the dice, but the tattoo artist asked if she could draw something up....and here we are. I figure there is no one else who has it and I love it!!

My 3rd tattoo was another spur of the moment decision....my recent birthday in Atlantic City..
Again...terrible picture, but this is very small on my right foot.
Let me explain....it is a '304' which I probably need to further explain. I was raised in a small town in West Virginia...as far as I know, the entire state still falls under 1 area code (304)...at least my neck of the woods is still 304. Where I come from is a HUGE part of who I am and I am extremely proud. My friends call it my 'gangsta' tattoo...but whatevs..I like it. (My friends also like that it spells Hoe upside down...ha!)

So that's me. I feel complete with my tattoos...for now, but who knows what the future holds!! I hope you won't judge me by my tattoos....

Do you have any tattoos?


  1. I have zero tattoos, but I love them on others. I like that each one has a special meaning to you, especially the big star and satellites!

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  3. I have two. One is a rosebud on my ankle. And I have a tramp stamp of a butterfly. I like them both.

    I actually did a speech about tats in my Comm class this past semester.

  4. i love tattoos...i only have 2 (both stars) one on my lower back (before they were known as tramp stamps :P ) and one on my wrist. I have been wanting a new one so bad but don't know what quite yet!

  5. that star tattoo is so cute!!! i love them too, i have little stars on my right hip (back).. i want an african symbol on the nape of my neck :)


  6. My dad's family has scores of them, but I only have a teeny one on my inner wrist.
    And I have family in Morgantown!

  7. Say it loud and wear it proud! ha I love the area code tattoo! Gotta stay true to our roots :) Thanks for linking up!!


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