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Friday, December 30, 2011

It's Ok...

I feel like I am off a day this week, which makes it 'Ok' to go back a day and link up with Neely & Amber !

Its Ok Thursdays

This week, It's Ok...

…that I have changed back into pajamas to work every day this week after taking Mom for radiation…

…that I have spend too many thoughts on what I will name my Michael Kors bag…

…that I am obsessed with blog beauty tutorials…see my recent faves here and here…Seriously, check these ladies out!!

…that I am a habitual blog follower…seriously, I follow way too many blogs…is that possible? (Did I seriously just say 'seriously' again?? Ugh....word crutch!)

...that I can't find my work phone....whoopsie? Must find before Tuesday!

…that I will have original blog posts next week….

Happy New Year everyone! Please be safe!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's Ok...

Happy Thursday, ya'll!

I have been a lazy blogger the past week, so jumping back in with It's Ok with Neely and Amber

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK....

...that I am not feeling the holidays this year...Bah Humbug! I am trying to stay positive for my Momma, but it's so hard....

...that I crave un-sweet tea! How very un-southern of me!! I am picky about my sweet tea, so the only time I get it is when I am back in the south and people know how to make it....

...that I also crave queso..like, a lot...

...that I am way behind on music..I mainly listen to sports talk radio (tom-boy here)...

...that I am sad that several bloggers I 'met' have now disappeared....what's up with that!?...

...that I am oddly obsessed with Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood...I soo need a Dean..le sigh...

...that while I am not feeling the Christmas spirit this year..I am still oddly sucked in my cheesy Lifetime/ABC Family holiday movies...

What's OK with you this week? Join in the fun and link up!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Hollywood Highlights

Hey ya'll!

Happy Monday! I love me some entertainment news...it is a nice distraction from my own life! Some celebs get publicity on the regular....while others are lost in the headlines. I wanted to highlight a few recent ones that I thought 'slipped through the cracks'.

Zach Gilford (Matt Saracen of FNL) is engaged to Kiele Sanchez (love the name Kiele!)

I love this bit of celeb news as they were not a couple high on the paparazzi radar and is the marriage of 2 of my favorite TV shows (isn't that what it all comes down to anyway?). Zach comes from FNL and Kiele is from A&E's The Glades. If you are not watching this show, check it out...I love it!

Next up, Mindy McCready. Lord.....that girl is a mess!

I was a fan of hers back in the day, she was a country music sweetheart (best known for "Guys Do It All The Time") but now...drugs have derailed her life. It was reported that she kidnapped her son...whom she didn't have custody of...and it later came out that she is pregnant with twins! Once again, this is a tv crossover! Mindy was seen on season 3 of Celebrity Rehab.

Speaking of Celebrity Rehab...Heidi Fleiss has a new show. Wait for it...titled.....'Prostitutes to Parrots'....yup, the former "Hollywood Madam's" new show is about birds!

Oh, Heidi...what have you done now?? For those worried, she hasn't left the business totally, she is still a 'brothel consultant'. AND...has another show coming out in the future...a dating show, where she gives advice. I love me some mindless, numbing TV, but even I can watch this one.

And finally....if any of you are fans of The Bachelor/The Bachelorette.....check out Reality Steve's website! WARNING: RS's website contains mah-ja spoilers, so read at your own risk! RS has all of the behind the scenes info (no idea where he gets this stuff...but he has been largely accurate so far). Right now, RS has exposed the Final Four on Ben's season....which doesn't air until January. Apparently ABC is so up in arms about RS and his website/proposed method of reporting, that they have filed a lawsuit.

Some people don't like TV spoilers....largely I don't either. BUT...I have been watching The Bachelor/Bachelorette for so many years now..it is obvious that at least some of it is staged, or at least craftily edited. I normally read what RS has to say...and wait to see how it all unfolds.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

wish! {out loud}

Hey ya'll,

It's Sunday!! Last week, I learned about a very cool idea from Robin @ fly far.fly free that she and her bloggy friends Krystina @ Cup A Hot Chocolate and Ashley @ Chickadette created to promote wishes and helping other people achieve their wishes when possible! It is such a cool idea (you can read the original post here). I really feel like sometimes you have to put what you need out there and be open to what can happen if you trust and believe.

Since this is my first wish....I am going big...really BIG! As some of you know, my Mom is battling lung cancer right now and is fighting for her life. She has worked hard her whole life and the past couple of years have been extremely hard on her...and now this, this devastating diagnosis 2 days before her 50th birthday. It's not fair! I know that is a 2 year old thing to do...throw a temper tantrum, which is what I want to do when I see her in pain, getting tired, sleeping more than she used to, not eating...etc. My Mom is the best person that I know and has such strength, she shouldn't have to be going through this.

But, she is...and it sucks. It sucks for everyone that has been touched by cancer. My dream is for one day cancer to be looked at like high blood pressure or diabetes....a disease that while is not ideal, it can be managed and survived.

While that is my dream, my wish is for my Mom. It is a selfish wish, but it is my wish...my wish is for my Mom to be a survivor!

Want to play along? ..here's what you need to know:

1. Write your blog post including your Wish! {out loud}.
2. Grab and display the Wish! {out loud} button in your post.
3. Link up through one of the hosts' blogs because it will show up on all three.
4. Start visiting other blogs, making friends, and make a Wish! come true.

Friday, December 9, 2011

80's Baby.....

Hey ya'll....

While doing some blog reading last night, I came up Allyson's blog post about some AWESOME 80's tee shirts. I jumped over to the 80's tees website and found this little gem (not to be confused with THE JEM):

Sadly, this bad boy will help knock 2 people off my Christmas list!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's Ok!

Hey ya'll!

It's Thursday...time for another round of It's Ok hosted by Amber and Neely!

Its Ok Thursdays

This week, it's ok....

*That I had popcorn for dinner one night...that's a veggie, right?

*That I want the naked2 palette...even thought I don't have the first naked palette

*That I have 84 items on my Amazon Wish List...gah!

*That I don't have an iPhone...and don't want one. Team Blackberry!

*That I make random notes on said Blackberry about blogging and have to scroll through them when I sit down @ the computer

*That I am CRAZY excited for Project Runway All Stars!

*That I am finding more and more fabulous blogs to follow, there are seriously a lot of fun gals out there!

What's OK with you this week?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Blog...Say What?

Hey ya'll,

As a self professed newby in the blog world...I need some help! There are some concepts/sites/etc that confuse me and I would appreciate your advice/tips!

1. Blog Buttons
Ok, I have seen these pretty buttons on some blogs...but do I need one? Example:

If it is a good idea...is this something that I can create myself (using a step by step tutorial...of course) or just easier to pay someone to help you (I have priced it and it doesn't look crazy expensive, but I didn't want to move forward until I could actually figure out what it is for).

When do you add someone else's blog button to your blog? And why do you do that?? Is it to link your blogs???

2. Reader (Google) vs. Bloglovin'
What is the difference between reader on google and bloglovin'? A small percentage of the blogs I follow highlight bloglovin' as a way to follow them but most ask you to sign using GoogleConnect. Do I need to sign up with both to read blogs or safe with just staying with reader?

3. Is there an App for that?
I am not always able to do my blog reading on the computer...it is usually on my Blackberry or now on my Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire uses the Android App store...is anyone familiar with a good Android App out there to read/comment on blogs? I have played around with the Kindle Fire and there is a section called 'blogs' but I can't figure it out/had the patience to play with it. Any thoughts?

4. Reply to comments via email
Some fabulous ladies respond to blog comments and it emails me directly. How do I set that up so I can respond to comments directly on my own blog?

5. Photo editing
Everyone does such cute/creative things with photos and I have no idea how to do it! Is there a specific software/website/tip/tricks that you would recommend?

Thanks for humoring me and I appreciate all of your insight...

P.S. Today is our appointment for Mom's 2nd opinion. I am interested to hear what this facility/doctor has to say, but scared to death at the same time. My family already feels like we have been kicked in the gut and am just hoping today won't result in the same. Please keep us in your positive thoughts/prayers today :-)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Target Tuesday

Hey ya'll....it's Tuesday again, which means....Target Tuesday!

This is a link hosted by the fabulous Tara over at Fabulous but Evil. If you are like me and love to lust all things Target`, join us and link up!

So, without further adoo...or is it adieu?.....

I have been lusting after bedroom vanities that have jewelry storage in the middle. The one I fell in love with was at Pier 1 (and $350...yikes!), so let's see what Target has to offer!

Avington Vanity and Mirror Dark Tobacco


And it comes in black too....

Hmm...it looks like those are the best options. Well...what to do...I don't want to post only 2 things from Target I want...that would be sacrilegious :) Let's take a look at jewelry to fill these bad boys.....

I have always wanted a diamond cross necklace..

Love, Love Marcasite!

Every girl needs diamond studs...especially this girl!

What are you loving at Target this week?

Monday, December 5, 2011

Nail Polish Swap Reveal!

Hi ya'll,
I participated in my first swap evahh, hosted by Tara & Celia and it was so much fun! I think I picked a good place to start, because it was a nail polish swap! I love nail polish....I am just not so good at painting my own nails, but I am getting there!

I was lucky enough to be partnered with the AWESOME....Camille!! (previously known as www.thoroughly-millie.blogspot.com ). Millie is on blog hiatus...but hopefully will be joining us again soon! We miss you Millie!!!

Anyway....she hooked this girl up with the Essie winter cube!! Wahoo!

Contained in this fabulous package are 4 mini Essie nail polishes. Colors include: Cocktail Bling, Size Matters, Bangle Jangle and Bobbie for Baubles. I have always been an OPI girl and pretty much had been in 'my box' about OPI and haven't really tried any other color. I tried the Essie polish (Cocktail Bling) and I LOVE it!! It went on really easy and so far....no chips! Hoorrayy!

Sorry for the 'stock' photos....my camera phone pics turned out crappy :( Must get a new camera!