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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Blog...Say What?

Hey ya'll,

As a self professed newby in the blog world...I need some help! There are some concepts/sites/etc that confuse me and I would appreciate your advice/tips!

1. Blog Buttons
Ok, I have seen these pretty buttons on some blogs...but do I need one? Example:

If it is a good idea...is this something that I can create myself (using a step by step tutorial...of course) or just easier to pay someone to help you (I have priced it and it doesn't look crazy expensive, but I didn't want to move forward until I could actually figure out what it is for).

When do you add someone else's blog button to your blog? And why do you do that?? Is it to link your blogs???

2. Reader (Google) vs. Bloglovin'
What is the difference between reader on google and bloglovin'? A small percentage of the blogs I follow highlight bloglovin' as a way to follow them but most ask you to sign using GoogleConnect. Do I need to sign up with both to read blogs or safe with just staying with reader?

3. Is there an App for that?
I am not always able to do my blog reading on the computer...it is usually on my Blackberry or now on my Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire uses the Android App store...is anyone familiar with a good Android App out there to read/comment on blogs? I have played around with the Kindle Fire and there is a section called 'blogs' but I can't figure it out/had the patience to play with it. Any thoughts?

4. Reply to comments via email
Some fabulous ladies respond to blog comments and it emails me directly. How do I set that up so I can respond to comments directly on my own blog?

5. Photo editing
Everyone does such cute/creative things with photos and I have no idea how to do it! Is there a specific software/website/tip/tricks that you would recommend?

Thanks for humoring me and I appreciate all of your insight...

P.S. Today is our appointment for Mom's 2nd opinion. I am interested to hear what this facility/doctor has to say, but scared to death at the same time. My family already feels like we have been kicked in the gut and am just hoping today won't result in the same. Please keep us in your positive thoughts/prayers today :-)

1 comment:

  1. Hey Chica! Blog buttons - its a way to share the love! Some blogs (like mine) swap buttons and it just gets you more exposure! And some charge to put your button on their page. At first I had someone creat buying for me but now I just use a photo and add some words like in a pic editor. An online pic editor is fotoflex.com

    I personally like google reader ...I have an iPhone and there is an app for that.

    Regarding email - take a look at this to make sure your email is set up! http://forloveofacupcake.blogspot.com/2011/12/i-have-request-plus-little-get-to-know.html

    I use onstage am on iPhone to edit a lot of photos!

    If you want I would be happy to help you Create a button! Email me at forloveofacupcake@gmail.com


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