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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Target Tuesday!

Hi bloggie friends! I am linking up with the fabulous Tara over at Fabulous but Evil for Target Tuesday!

This your opportunity to go crazy on target.com and highlight what you are loving at Target this week! I actually worked at Target for years...so I like to think I am a pro!!

This week I am loving new bedding and jewelry armoires! I am always obsessed with changing up my bedroom or bathroom.

Puckering Duvet Set.....I long for the a comfy,overstuffed bed....
Egyptian Cotton Sheets? Yes, please!.....

Pretty pillow....doesn't go with my 'look' really, but this is my wish list, so whatev.....

And a little something from my 'grandma' side....

I have always wanted a jewelry armoire.....can't decide between the white or darker wood.

And, a flamingo just 'cause I loooooove them!....
What are you loving at Target this week?


  1. cute purple pillow!the flamingo is just funny :)

  2. ooh you worked at target?? what was that like? lol i work in retail and sometimes i think i should just work there. but i cant wear khakis. ugh lol

    i am seriously love the target holiday catalogue i got in the mail this week. their holiday stuff is so cute!

  3. I love Target! I'm not even sure why but they're probably my favorite of the big box stores.


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