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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Random Thoughts and an update on Momma

Hi ya’ll! I hope you are having a good Wednesday!!

A couple of random thoughts this week…….

My Momma surprised me last week with a new Amazon Kindle Fire!! Yayy!! This thing is awesome….at least as far as I can tell in a week. So far, I have downloaded a few books….
(sorry for the crappy Droid pics)
(grr...I don't know how to make the picture rotate!)

Watched the first two episodes of Revenge on my new Kindle (soo good, ya’ll!). I am totally late to the party on this one...but I really like it! I usually don't get into new shows right away...I am afraid I will get hooked and they will get cancelled! By the time I go to bed right now, I need an escape, please share any other shows that you love, I am definitely looking to get into another series!

Downloaded a copy of US Weekly (I wanted to see what it was like on the Fire…it was ah-mazing! Literally just like the magazine (ads included) but on the tablet. I know I am going on and on….but I don’t have an iPad…or iAnything really (except and old school iPod), so this is big news for me.

I definitely need a cute cover for it...

Let the randomness begin!....

*Why does Sephora not sell MAC cosmetics?? That would make my life easier...

**I am really craving birthday cake...must be the PMS talking, but seriously! Someone in my life needs to have a birthday party so I can have some cake!!

***While on our way back from a doctor's appointment, we sat in traffic beside MotorCoach One...who knew!! (as an aside, we are in Northern Virginia so I guess this shouldn't surprise me being this close to DC, but still)..

****George Clooney was in Baltimore this past weekend (with Stacey Keibler) and I missed it! He was in town to go to the Ravens game with Stacey (former Ravens cheerleader)...and although not cheering on my boys, he seemed to like Charm City.  Here is George with Baltimore Raven retired player, Jonathan Ogden.

*****Ali & Roberto from The Bachelor/ette broke up....who didn't see that one coming??! I was definitely Team Chris that season, but he has moved on and is engaged to another Bachelor alum, Peyton

******I can't spell definelty (I have miss-spelled it each time I initially wrote it above) and use it wayyy too much..ugh

Mom Update......Unfortunately, Momma has had a rough week with the pain. It is so hard watching her not be able to find any position that is comfortable, and seeing the pain all over her face. The 1st chemo session was on Friday and she did really well! I don't know if it was the combination of pre-medications or just a good day, but she felt pretty good. She felt good most of the weekend until Sunday when she started to get really tired and the pain kicked up in her back.The doctors say that the chemo will help with the pain and that they have such great drugs now a days that side effects aren't what they used to be, I just pray that is the case. We saw pain management doctors today, they switched up her medications so hopefully this combo will be more effective for her!

Hope you all have a GREAT Thanksgiving!!


  1. That's so awesome that you got a Kindle Fire. I've hear they're great!

    I had no idea that Ali and Roberto broke up, but I'm not surprised. That's so cute that Chris and Peyton are together!

    Revenge is my new favorite show. I also have to admit that I've been loving Ringer on The CW.

    I'm glad the first chemo session went well, but I'm sorry your mom has been in pain. She's in my thoughts and prayers. I hope they're able to find something sooner rather than later to manage it.

  2. so jealous of your kindle fire! and i'm glad you got on the Revenge train! it is great! i think that it is hilarious about "definitely" thing! I always use it and never spell it right! (had to change it just now)

    sorry about your mom...hope they can help with her pain!

  3. There's a new show that I've been enjoying. It's on ABC Sunday nights and I think it's called Once Upon a Time or something like that. It's on right before Desperate Housewives.

    So sorry to hear about your mom. I hope she's pain-free. My father had a lot of back pain too in the end.

  4. Okay. Kindle Fire. I think I need one. I think it's what I want for Christmas. When you watched the shows, what program did you use? Did you have to download from Amazon? Or did you use hulu? Does hulu cost? This is fabulous! Is it a lot like an ipad if you've used one?

    And I will say a prayer for your mom.

    And PS I love love the Bachelor and Bachelorette but am so skeptical about this next season coming up.....

  5. Thanks everyone! Mom and I both appreciate the love! The Fire is so awesome! My cousin saw it yesterday and ran out at midnight last night to get one! I have been watching show on Netflix, Amazon and Abc.com.with no issues :)


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