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Friday, September 3, 2010

OPI Axxium Gel System

Happy Friday! And more importantly, Happy Night Before WVU season opener!

I was getting my hair done earlier this week and my girl Tara asked if I had tried the new OPI nail polish. Intrigued by anything new, and potentially fabulous, I said no, tell me more! It is less like nail polish and more like a gel overlay, without all of the destruction that overlays can do to some nails. I have been acrylic free for a few years, and while I love my manicures.....it is a huge stretch to make them last longer than 10 days (especially b/c I work on the computer). The one big selling point I was told is that the polish remains chip free for 2 weeks! She so had me at chip free!!!

So back I went last night to get this fabulous, new, amazing manicure. The manicurist walked me through the process as she did it, dry manicure (no soaking in water), then one coat of primer-->under the UV light--> two coats of color--> under the UV light-->one top coat-->last time under the UV light. I don't know about all of you, but even after sitting under a fan/light, I am usually SUPER careful about touching anything, so you can imagine my suprise when she grabbed my hands and started to wipe my nails off! The magic of this stuff is that it is immediately dry, and even I couldn't hurt them! I went with OPI Lincoln Park After Dark....
It could be a complete waste, but so far so good..... I will let you all know in 2 weeks if I am chip free!

Has anyone else tried this??


  1. Thanks for following, I'm following you back now!

    I want a job naming nail polishes.

  2. I just saw you're from WV, me too! What part are you from? Are you excited for the Marshall v. WVU game? I have tickets and can't wait!

  3. This sounds fab, I'd love to try it!

  4. I have been hearing about this for months and I am dying to try it. But I cannot find a salon here that does it.

  5. These manicures are amazing! I got one before I went on a cruise back in April and it held up really well considering I spent time in the ocean and pool. I haven’t gotten it done since, but would like to treat myself in the fall. I’ve been trying to stay away from acrylics too and have been getting regular manicures from time to time.

    Good choice on the Lincoln Park After Dark. That is such a great color!


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