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Sunday, June 5, 2011

What I'm Watching This Week...

It's no secret to those who know me....I have an obsession with TV! Thankfully I have a TIVO in the living room and DVR in my bedroom (sad I know). TV is my stress reliever, my escape! It used to be that as soon as May sweeps was over, TV became boring with constant re-runs, but TV executives must have taken notice because we now have summer programming! Hooray!!

Here is what I am watching this week:
COAL, Spike TV
Growing up in 'coal country' myself, I am so excited to see this show on the air. Living in a large city now and hearing what people "assume" coal mining to be, this show gives you a first hand look at what it takes to be a coal miner and what hard-working people that they are. Plus the accents make me home-sick :)
Food Network Challenge, Awesome 80's Cakes, Food Network
Cake + 80's?? I am all in!
Jerseylicious, Style Network
This season has been bringing it with the drama so far and tonight looks exceptionally dramatic! So far, I have been more Team Olivia than Team Tracey, but am feeling myself starting to shift..

2011 MTV Movie Awards, MTV
The Next Food Network Star, Food Network
In Plain Sight, USA
Real Housewives of Orange County (Season Finale), BRAVO
The Glades (Second Season Premiere), A&E
I happened upon this show after the first season and caught up with it on demand over a few days. It is a procedural cop drama based in Florida with a bit of a romance angle.

The Bachelorette
Yes, I find myself sucked in every season! I am doing my best to avoid Reality Steve and his spoilers, but it is SO hard!!!  The powers that be are really bringing it this season with the Bentley drama (see below), I seriously hope they are making her keep him around and she is not that blind to his bs.

Master Chef (Season Premiere), FOX
Secret Life of the American Teenager, ABC Family
Yes, I have the TV watching habits of a 16 year old....
WWE Tough Enough, USA
And apparently the TV watching habits of a 25 year old man...

Real Housewives of New Jersey
Kate + 8; Kate's Night Out, TLC
I don't watch every Kate + 8, but this one looks interesting.
Law & Order LA, NBC
I DVR this one and watch if I have time, especially since it has been cancelled :(
Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too, Oxygen
Nurse Jackie, Showtime

Master Chef, FOX

The Voice, NBC

16 & Pregnant, MTV
Covert Affairs (Second Season Premiere), USA
I really like this show and hope that the 2nd season lives up to the first.

The Little Couple, TLC
Million Dollar Decorators, BRAVO

The Little Couple, TLC

2011 CMT Music Awards, CMT
I do love my country music, even if it is at a awards show where you know the winners based upon who is actually there. Oh well, I can at least have some good man candy!
Extreme Couponing, TLC
Franklin & Bash, TNT
I am a sucker for Zach Morris!

Extreme Couponing, TLC

MTV Real World: Reunion Special, MTV
Top Chef Master's, BRAVO
World According to Paris, Oxygen
I started watching last week hoping to find redeeming qualities in Paris and that she wasn't as spoiled and pretentious as she appears on TV. In the 1st episode, she was exactly as you would think she would be....giving it one more go before it comes off my dvr.

Nothing!! Can you imagine?? DVR catch up time!!

The First 48, A&E

The First 48: Missing Persons, A&E
Love Bites, NBC
NY Ink
I not only love tattoos, but LOVE Ami James!

What's on your must see list for the week?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Missing in Action Blogger!!

Hola People!

I have not blogged in forevvvveh! Excuses?? I have tons! But......... I really feel like I put a lot of pressure on myself and this whole blog thing. I started out wanting to blog as an outlet for the random things that I love and thoughts that I have. My biggest inspiration was reading the blogs of the fabulous women that I follow and seeing these awesome posts they always have. I would get so excited when a new post was up by my favorite bloggers and I thought how cool would that be if people were excited to read what I thought???

Fast forward to me thinking....what to write?? what if what I do write is not entertaining??? what if people don't like me???? what if I am one of those people who 'borrows' ideas from other bloggers and don't even realize it?????!! That leaves me, in the corner, in the fetal position......which is not cute!

Anyway, here I am giving it the old college try again....please be gentle :)

How do y'all handle it all?? Work, family and social media??? Do you ever feel like you are in a rut or feel pressure about blogging???